RealAmbient® Colour Shift LED Downlight Range

Mix'n'Match in 2 Easy Steps

Experience the Difference with RealAmbient® LED Technology

Experience the difference with RealAmbient® LED Technology which allows you to “Colour Shift” the light output from a crisp 2900k to a relaxing 1800k when dimmed. The effect is similar to that of a traditional Halogen lamp where colour temperature adds warmth to the room when dimmed, creating the perfect balance between visual comfort and ambience.

Active Thermal Management

Actively looks after itself with automatic load adjustment circuitry sensors.


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More choices to create the perfect balance between visual comfort and ambiance

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RealAmbient at 100%

At 100% a RealAmbient® LED light produces a bright, clean light with a hit of warmth for natural and healthy looking skin tones.
Dimmed to 50% creates a warm, romantic tone which is produced without the common "UV glare".

RealAmbient at 50%

At 5% a RealAmbient LED light produces the same light and ambience as a candle to create a relaxing mood.

RealAmbient at 5%

Features & Benefits

Independent Reflector

Interchangeable using the quick fit reflector tool without having to replace the entire fitting.

Aluminium Heatsink

The powder coated generous body design allows effective heat dissapation, essential for long-life performance and thermal stability.

Recessed LED Array

Seated deep within the MRX, this reduces glare fro the light source.

Patented Light Optic

The patented optic encapsulates the LED array to control the light distribution and provides a centrepiece that concels the LED source beautifully.

Quick Connect*

The pre-wired terminal plugs into the rear of the MRX making connection simple.

*MRX10 is pre-wired with a 2-wire in-line pluggable connector.

True to life colour quality across the dimming curve spectrum

Phosphor conversion LED technology maintains a high colour rendering index (CRI) throughout the brightness range, keeping the colour quality consistent. High colour quality ensures that everything "looks good" and adds visual comfort to your environment.

Step 1. Select one of our Phase DIM or DALI DIM driver and lamp kits


10 watts


13 watts


18 watts

We provide more flexibility, more variety, so that you can provide multiple solutions. Our new mix’n’match modular range of lamps, drivers and housings allows you to customise lighting solutions to meet your individual needs in just 2 easy steps. DALI and Phase Dimmer options available.
  • Mix & Match lamp and driver
  • Select housing

Step 2. Select one of our fixed or adjustable lamp housings in your choice of colour


Fixed Deep Recessed Black

(Available in White)


Adjustable Housing Black

(Available in White)


Black IP44 Housing

(Available in White)


Astara Style Gimbal Chrome

(Available in Black & White)


Crystal ECO Style Gimbal White

(Available in Chrome)


Adjustable single square

recessed housing silver

(Available in White)


Adjustable double square

recessed housing silver

(Available in White)


Adjustable quad

recessed housing silver

(Available in White)

Dimming Options


Rotary Dimmer


Rotary Dimmer Switch


Push Dimmer Switch

Dimming via Phase Dimmers

For best performance, use Diginet LEDsmart dimmers.

Dimming via DALI

DALI driver can be used in conjunction with a DALI compliant lighting control system. The Diginet RAPIX Lighting Control System is recommended.